Saturday, June 6, 2009

Department of Eagles – The Cold Nose (2003)

Saw Grizzly Bear last night. Holy crap what a great live band. They played just about everything I wanted to hear, and Leslie Feist made a surprise appearance for a couple of songs. So yeah, I am content. Definitely catch their show if you get a chance to.
In my ignorance I had always thought of them as Ed Droste’s band, and was surprised by just how vital Dan Rossen’s contribution is to their sound. He sang lead more often than not, and his guitar playing is pretty much the crux of the band. And what a big voice for such a little guy. So I went back and listened to this old Department of Eagles album that’s been lurking in my hard-drive for a while, and no surprise it rips pretty hard.


  1. I've noticed that you use the verb "to rip" in describing things that give you aural pleasure. What do you mean by this? Where do they rip you? Or are you referring to the way you rip them from CD at a certain bitrate, and some rips are better than others?

    Thanks for this. I'm sure it's different but I dig In Ear Park.

    And yeah, I'm thinking about calling it quits.

  2. Rips my heart. Into tiny little pieces.

    Don't quit.

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  4. Your link is down mate