Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have an unnatural, potentially unhealthy obsession with Tetris. It’s becoming my go-to thing for whenever I have time to waste, which is pretty often these days. Only problem is that I’m not very good at it. I have terrible hand eye (or finger?) coordination and my brain overloads easily when stressed out. But I mostly blame it on the Tetris song. While it’s a great little tune and integral to the overall experience, it’s just a bit too fast paced and intense for me. So rather than play the game on mute, I recorded my own version of the Tetris theme a while back. It’s a bit slower, more chill, definitely helps me concentrate, and makes for a much more relaxing gaming experience.
Not really sure why I’m posting it. Figured I might as well share it, in case there are any other Tetris-heads out there who want to give it a try. It’s really simple; just a 15 second loop that goes on and on for about 10 minutes. Done with acoustic guitar, synthesizer, and banging on various objects with drumsticks and fists.


  1. Hello Z,
    I've just found your blog and it's wonderful. The music you post is great, but when I read this very lovable post, it really made me smile. I used to play Tetris, until a work colleague, just passing by, remarked on my obvious lack of skill at it. Oh well. Keep up the good work, and thanks!

  2. thanks man. and don't give up on the tetris. you'll get better.