Sunday, June 7, 2009

Richard Thompson – Small Town Romance (1984)

1982 was a year of both tremendous highs and lows for Richard and Linda Thompson. After a decade of critical praise but abysmal record sales, they managed to break into the American market with Shoot Out the Lights, their best selling album to date, and completed a triumphant tour of the U.S. Their brush with success was to be fleeting however, as it coincided with the breakup of their marriage and the end of their artistic partnership. So in an effort to cool down and gather his bearings, Richard Thompson embarked on a low-key solo-acoustic tour of the States. This album contains recordings from two of those shows, both in New York. The song selection is varied, but for the most part he chooses to perform slower numbers, many of them songs that his ex-wife had sung on record. Other than that there are a couple of older tunes dating from his time in Fairport Convention, a Hank Williams cover, and bizarre but funny little song about a person who may or may not a drag queen.


  1. Fantastic album. what do you know, I named my blog after this song ;)

  2. Superb artist...great post!