Thursday, March 12, 2009

Raksha Mancham – Chös Khor (1993)

Belgian band that plays amazing percussion-based music using various indigenous instruments. According to their website:

"Chös Khor" refers to a Tibetan concept that can be translated as "the holy circle", "the holy enclosure" or "the holy enclave". "Chös Khor" represents the universe in which the human beings live, the world they inhabit. The musical themes developed in these recordings refer to human populations and their natural environment. "Chös Khor" offers visions of different parts of the World. So by creating that music, the aim of Raksha Mancham is to produce that vision of the World by suggesting images in the mind of the listener.

The only image in my mind while listening to this album is that of an army of African Pygmies drumming and chanting furiously at the end of Time.

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