Friday, March 6, 2009

Serge Gainsbourg – Aux Armes et Cætera (1979)

The legendary French lecher goes to Jamaica, enlists the help of production-team/rhythm-section Sly & Robbie, and puts out a dub record. And it turns out to be surprisingly good.


  1. Hey there Zzyrus! Thanks, I love this album, makes me hungry for more of the same.. But it's like searching for more of the same, high on the Beatles Sgt Peppers... there's just nothing quite like it out there. There's one other french reggae group (not suggesting that gainsbourg was purely reggae) I really like though, KANA, Any other french reggae recomendations? Cheers!

  2. voila l'album qui m'a fait découvrir Ce MR, un classique dans le genre, part un personnage bourré de talent, la musique française est bien triste depuis son départ RIP Monsieur Gainsbard.
    pour les amateurs de reggae avec de bon beat procurez vous, vite fait..

  3. found this today- and it made my morning. Thanks!

  4. Dear friend the links are dead now

    Anyway, thanks for you great blog