Sunday, April 12, 2009

Davy Graham

I was sad to hear about Davy Graham's passing a couple of months ago. A truly adventurous and eccentric musician, his open-tuning acoustic guitar stylings were massively influential, inspiring such luminaries as Bert Jansch, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Nick Drake and Johnny Marr. While primarily associated with the 1960s British folk scene due to the seminal duo record he put out with singer Shirley Collins, his playing included elements of jazz, blues, North African and Indian music, and he constantly traveled the world in search of new sounds. His albums can be pretty hard to find on the internets, so I figured I’d upload the ones that I own. The first one, Folk Roots, New Routes, is the aforementioned Shirley Collins collaboration. Mostly folk tunes and a couple of neat instrumentals, including a Thelonious Monk cover. The second one, Hat, is a bit more eclectic. A bunch of covers (Beatles, Paul Simon, Dylan), some wild, nearly atonal guitar instrumentals, and some standard “trad arr” material, all done in his inimitable style. Hope you dig.

Folk Roots, New Routes (1964)

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  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful music. Have much of this on vinyl and is great to be able to back it up to digital this way, or try out stuff I haven't yet heard!