Tuesday, April 21, 2009

S. E. Rogie – The Palm Wine Sounds of S. E. Rogie (1989)

I ripped this from a beat-up old vinyl. A long and arduous task, considering I don’t have any of the proper equipment. Some hissing and popping here and there, but it sounds OK overall. Dedicated to my buddy Daboolal and to his lady, and to the lovely afternoon spent sitting around in their apartment listening to this record.

From the liner notes:
Sooliman E. Rogie was born in Fomikoh his maternal hometowm (Nyandehun Kpaka is his paternal hometown) in the Pujehun District in Sierra Leone, on the West Coast of Africa. S. E. Rogie is a songwriter, storyteller and self-taught guitarist extraordinaire. Rogie nurtured and developed the Palm Wine style music and pushed it onto the international scene during the 1960s. Rogie says, “the Palm Wine guitar music is like folk music. It is an expression of the day to day experiences of a people. Many a time, people would gather around a big fireplace outdoors on a beautiful moonlit night and share their life stories. They sing a song or two and swap jokes and gossip, they drink a little Palm Wine to feel happy.” Palm Wine, which is tapped from palm trees, is a milky juice liquid which produces a mellow natural high in those who imbide.


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  1. Fabulous! I also have this on vinyl and is one of my most prized albums, as the man himself signed it after seeing him play at the Jazz Cafe in Stoke Newington London. Just downloading it now and have software to clean it up: ClickRepair
    Will let you know how I got on... Tourist Girl is pure joy!