Friday, April 3, 2009

Max Romeo – War Ina Babylon (1976)

War Ina Babylon is simply one of reggae's finest moments. Along with The Heptones' Party Time and Junior Murvin's Police And Thieves, this album can be seen as part of a Black Ark "holy trinity". This album is perhaps the strongest of the three, with passionate vocals, powerful songwriting, and Scratch's expert hand at the mixing board. Max and Scratch shared a common vision when it came to music, and you can certainly hear that in every groove of this album. Highlights include the moving "Uptown Babies Don't Cry", the militant "Chase The Devil", and the film noir reggae of "Norman". Essential listening.


  1. Truly one of Lee Perry's masterpieces. Recorded during Jamaica's politically turbulent mid seventies it is a must hear for anyone with an appreciation of fine music. The Clash hijacked the title track to great effect on their first record. Essential.

  2. You tinkin uv police in teeves n ting, nah max romeo rasta